The Xbox One X – gaming transformed


Launched at the E3 gaming show, the new Xbox One X from Microsoft has everyone talking at the moment. According to Microsoft, this is the most powerful console ever – but it’s also slightly smaller than previously, which in a world of box bloat, is very welcome. So, is this going to be another fillip to the Microsoft share price? Or will the stock sink when people try the One X out?


The One X offers 4K gaming, previously the preserve of those with deep pockets also willing to spend time customising their PCs. You can get 60 frames per second in a range of games (but not all) and the gaming experience is transformative.


Faster and more powerful


Grinding away inside the One X is a lot of powerful processing. Combine the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on one chip and what do you get? The AMD APU that’s in this console. The box has an eight core CPU, as does Sony’s PS4 Pro but this one runs at a higher clock rate, of 2.3GHz. The ground breaking change though, is in the GPU.


It has more compute units, than the PS4 Pro, and the X Box units are running at a faster speed than the ones in its rival box (1172 MHz against 911 MHz). This is underwritten by 12Gb of GDDRS RAM, as against 8Gb in the PS4 Pro.


What that boils down to, is that we can expect lots of graphical power – 4K at 60 fps needs it. The X Box One X also has a 4K Blu-ray drive – extremely useful when most people don’t have internet speeds fast enough to stream 4K.



The gaming experience


The PS4 Pro was 4K ready at launch. But the Xbox One X is in a different league and really deserves to boost Microsoft’s share price. This is particularly notable with graphically superb games such as Assassin’s Creed Origins. The difference you notice when playing games are the smoothness of the movement and the richness and intricacy of the detailing. To get similar performance on a PC, you’d need a really high-end spec and would have to lay out far more money than you will spend on the One X.


TV or monitor?


If you’re using a TV screen for 4K gaming and it’s not a 4K TV, you aren’t going to get the full benefit of 4K graphics. That said, even with a 1080p TV, you’ll notice that frames are faster and loading is quicker. However, the One X can be used with AMD FreeSync2 and 1440 resolutions. So if you don’t have a big TV, you could buy a monitor specifically for gaming. The Dolby Atmos sound isn’t new but with true 4K visuals – it’s stunning.


Custom made and enhanced titles


Microsoft has said that the existing titles will be playable on the One X and we can look forward to enhanced upgrades for many of them. Over 130 games will be able to boast that they are enhanced for the Xbox One, and to see if your favourites are in stock, you can visit the Microsoft site, where there’s a list.



How about the new games though? Is there anything to get excited about? Or even to rush out and buy the One X for? Launch titles include Forza Motorsport 7, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed Origin, all of which have had rave reviews.



Obviously, the Xbox One X is a much better buy if you already have, or are planning to get, a 4K TV. The high dynamic range, better colours and brightness of these TVs, make images look far more lifelike, and give a greater feeling of depth in the image.

All the major electrical retailers are now getting these TVs in stock, ready for the rush as people realise that a 4K TV and the Xbox One X is a step-change in their gaming experience. And yes, we’d say the Microsoft share price will get yet another boost. Check CMC Markets to see if we’re right.