Three Great In-ear Surround Sound Headphones

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As much as people love the sound and performance of gargantuan over-ear headphones, which are best if you want a great bass, most of the situations require simple in-ear headphones that are light and don’t cause problems like the over-ear ones.

They are compact and don’t weigh you down, and most of all they don’t sweat your ears which makes them great for walking, running, working out, traveling and virtually for anything else. Our mission with this article is to show you the best in-ear headphones out there, some of them so powerful they can run casino games in HD, or anything else that offers HD quality for that matter.

3. Moto Surround

We have decided to include these in-ear headphones mainly because they are some very affordable Bluetooth headphones fit for both leisure and workouts. They have a closed acoustic design, they weigh just 0.08 pounds, and have a battery life of 12 hours. Moreover, their wireless range is 150 feet or more. Other good features are the universal controls and booming sound, but the interface lags on iOS.

However, their performance is not quite as good as the next two on this list, but nevertheless we have included them out of very different reasons. First of all, they are operating over Bluetooth, which means no tangled cords. You can use them with both Android and iOS devices. Most of all, they have a very strong battery which adds to a better sound. And most importantly (for some of us) they come at just around £44. It’s hard to find headphones with this price that offer the same value.


2. Polk Nue Voe

Even though these headphones have iOS-only inline controls, they still are very much awesome in the sound department. Their weight stands at .3 pounds, they have a 4-feet long cable and frequency response between 10Hz and 21.500 Hz. Their driver type is balanced armature, which increases crispness by upping the mids, and have an impedance of 32 ohms.

The inline controls work only with iOS products and you can’t use them with Androids. However, you still get the same sound performance if you use them with non-Apple products, you just won’t be able to control the volume without accessing your handheld device. Despite all of that, they sound awesome and are extremely comfortable even if you wear them all day.

1. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

These are probably some of the best in-ear headphones on the market at the moment. You get a stellar sound and different model for each OS at an affordable price. The detailing on them is very appealing and once you try them on, you’ll never want anything else. They have a killer sound, they offer some of the best deals on the market today, and there is a flavour for every operating system.