TomTom SatNav receives Top Gear makeover

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At some point you’ve probably owned or have owned a SatNav. We all “love” those pre-loaded voices that tell us what to do, but wouldn’t it be better if we had some real car enthusiasts shouting “GO LEFT!” at us for the entire car journey? Well, that’s now a reality.

Jeremy Clarkson, one third of the UK Top Gear team, has finally had himself digitised so that he’ll be available for all on those long car journeys to Scotland. He’ll be giving you various instructions that have been altered slightly to what they’d be to the normal english speaking people of Great Britain.

One of the standard instructions, “Turn left, drive for one mile, turn right,” has been converted to, “After 700 yards – assuming this car can make it that far – you have reached your destination.”

A definite improvement over the standard instructions given out by SatNavs, that will definitely improve those long journeys. However, if Jeremy’s voice does start to drive you slightly mad, the Stig has also been recorded, which coincidently is just silence because the Stig is Top Gear’s mute tame racing driver.

Available now for £179.99, the Top Gear edition will definitely prove to be a hit amongst the motoring show’s fans. The video below shows the SatNav in action.