Top 5 Educational Apps for Android


Smartphone applications continue to flood Tech stores and it is interesting how users can be able to do lots of things using any of necessity. From entertainment, education, banking, gaming, travel to news Apps, it’s up to you to choose something that will help realize certain goals. In this post, focus is on Educational Apps and especially those which are compatible with phones that run on Android Operating System (OS). In other words, you may have come across what qualifies as the best dictionary or paper writing services App but you couldn’t access it because it was not compatible with the OS of your device.

Today, Android is rated the most popular among a number of mobile operating systems. In fact, if you check around mobile App stores or vendor/manufacturer websites, millions of downloads take place every single day. But here is the catch. Do you just download and install any Android-compatible Application for use simply because it designed for educational purposes?

The Best App against Many Evens

It takes tech-savvy minded individuals to design the best educational Apps. On this premise, you must look out for that which is navigable with ease and has a perfect user interface to get started. What’s more is that before making a decision on what is best for finding a job for writers at home or that which is loaded with approved material for your college course, compatibility is an integral factor. Apps that are installable on iOS will not work on Android phones. In fact, they are not even downloadable. You should also ensure to take a look at user reviews. These are featured as comments or star ratings on Play Stores and sites. Take a look at the following top-rated education Apps designed for Android users:

  • Coursera
    Investing in education is doing so for a successful feature. With learning Apps making this more feasible and easy, Coursera is one that will never disappoint. It’s ranked among the best, thanks to the fact that it contains lots of subjects and courses way over 1000. What’s more is that upon completion of a course, one earns a certificate, not to mention that some will cost you some money.
  • Google Play Books
    For the love of reading which will surely boost your knowledge on a range of subjects, Google Play Books Apps is certainly something worth trying out. You will get access to publications of different genres. It’s all about whatever interests you.

    • Memrise
      If you want to learn a new language, then Memrise will get you started to completion. There are over 100 languages to learn. You can opt for subscription version which comes with additional tools or free one and learn a new language in easy bits.
    • Quizlet
      This is arguably one of the best flashcard Apps out there. Even though you may want to pair it with another, it makes the learning of new words easy and is available in other languages as well.
  • YouTube
    This is pretty obvious, right? Well, not many students know the immense educational value of world’s most popular and best video App. There are millions of channels to subscribe to for free and learn anything, anytime and day.
    In concluding, learning has become easier than ever before, thanks to the integration of education and technology. In fact, Mobile Apps for educational purposes in this post are just but a tip of the iceberg. You will benefit immensely, not just academia but also for personal growth.