UK government planning to speed up less-than-brilliant broadband speeds

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The UK government has recently announced that they’re planning to find extra funding to improve the current broadband infrastructure, which is severely behind when you look at the services that are currently offered in countries such as the US and France.

This speedy broadband vision was announced by Chancellor George Osborne in his 2012 Budget.

According to the speech, the government plans on getting ultra-fast broadband to at least 1.7 million homes by 2015 (we might actually have decent 4G coverage by then as well).

10 cities will apparently bid for a part of the £100 million “super-connected cities” subsidy, which aims to offer 100Mbps speeds in every home of the chosen area.

The 10 cities earmarked for this are: Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

“Two years ago Britain had some of the slowest broadband speeds in Europe; today our plans will deliver some of the fastest,” said Osborne.

“But we should not be complacent by saying it is enough to be the best in Europe when countries like Korea and Singapore do even better.”

Speaking about the pledge, Andrew Ferguson, editor of Thinkbroadband, said: “Broadband is moving up the infrastructure ladder, and the 2012 Budget recognises its importance to underpinning business, both those engaged directly in digital content creation, and more traditional businesses.”

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