UK network Three announces unlimited data add-on for £3 per month

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Three are widely know for having the best 3G coverage out of all carriers in the UK. And in addition to their already extremely popular “All You Can Eat” data plan, they’ve gone and created a brand new add-on for Pay As You Go customers, which will give you completely unlimited data.

The tariff is a new addition to the current “All You Can Eat” plan they already have. This add-on will allow customers on a different plan to benifit from Three’s extremely good 3G network.

This announcement comes as the company revealed that the amount of data people are using per month has risen at an increasingly rapid rate. They stated that the average quantity of data that their iPhone 4 customers were using, back in February this year, was 488MBs per month, but by August this had risen to almost 1.2GBs.

The current all you can eat data plans are the best value for money in the UK with other carriers such as Vodafone and Orange only offering 1GB of data per month for about £35 with the option to add 500MB more on for an extra £5. The equivalent plan on Three gives customers completely unlimited data as well as more minutes and texts for the same price.

One friend of mine recently told me that he’d managed to use about 10GB of data on his plan, and when he received his monthly bill, Three challenged him to see if he could use more!  Now that is definitely how all of the carriers should be acting! Time to change my network provider to Three I think.

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