UK ranks just 25th for Internet speeds

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Akami have carried out their latest reports on the worlds Internet connections. Unfortunatly, us folk here in the UK have not done too well, ranking just 25th thanks to our less than satisfactory Internet connections.

The recent report states the UK is 25th in the world rankings for Internet speeds receiving, on average, 5Mbps. This suggests that there are still quite a few people receiving less than this in rural parts of the country.

Out of the whole of Europe, the UK comes in at 15th out of 22 countries. Not very good at all.

The ‘State of the internet’ report is published by Akami quarterly and stated that South Korea has the fastest average broadband speeds in the world reaching an average of 13.3Mbps, while the Netherlands is the fastest country in Europe with an average of 8.5Mbps, making it fourth in the world.

With the UK not even making the top 10 in Europe, it’s not looking for a country that used to rule 35 separate countries and colonies during the height of the British Empire…

Where are you based and how fast is your Internet connection? Let us know in the comments section below.