Untapped Ways to Make Money Online

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If there’s one piece of subject matter everyone is keen on, it’s how to make money online. Who wouldn’t want a cushy at-home career? Unfortunately, most people are taught to join super-competitive markets or niches and they end up making zero dollars. Low competition and untapped niches are the secret to earning a living online, which is why this list discusses the untapped methods for earning online – the real ways you can be an online success and start a career on your terms.

Write for the Music Industry

Writing articles is one of the most promising online careers there is. If you’re creative and you use proper grammar, there’s a place for you online. Writers are more in demand than ever because all websites require content.
That being said, there’s a lot of competition in certain niches, such as travel, beauty, and real estate. The music industry is one where writers are in demand, but there’s little competition for jobs. Market yourself to bands, songwriters, record labels, and more who are involved in the industry. Even music teachers, retail establishments, and local bands have a need for writers. Bands may even hire you to create their bios.

Skill Based Gaming

Do you have a card playing skill or are you talented at video games? Gaming is a gamble, but some have gone on to have amazing careers doing it. “Niklas ‘ragen70’ Heinecker earned $6.3 million in 2013 alone from online poker,” reports Casino Room. “Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan played very few hands, but still netted about $750,000 in the same year.”

If gambling isn’t your bag, another way to use the gaming boon to your advantage is to do some affiliate marketing for an online gambling site. Design content that urges people to sign up using you as a reference or your referral link. You could blog about bonuses or just talk about the big name winners and encourage others to meet the challenge.

Work as a Virtual Employee for Someplace Local

Online jobs are extremely competitive, especially online customer service jobs (Alpine Access, Cloud10, etc.). Instead of competing for these jobs, why not see who is looking for local telecommuters? You may be asked to come into the office for training or once in a while, but the job will predominantly take place at home and online. If you’re using this method, check out Tech-Review’s list of some of the best job finding apps.

Make Money with URL Shorteners

Advertisers pay to have their ads displayed before a customer can copy their shortened link. Basically, they enter the link into the provided URL shortener, it generates an ad that you’re paid for, and then the consumer is gifted with a shortened link. It’s simple, yet incredibly effective and can earn huge profits. It’s ‘set it and forget it’ residual income, so while that’s running you can double up your earnings by working on something else.

Private Label Sales

Licensing your own products can be really profitable. You don’t have to be an inventor to sell products; in fact, you can order just about anything from Asia and have it shipped to your home. Water bottles and fashion t-shirts are great examples of businesses that work. Once your freight arrives, label your items with a logo of your choosing, box everything back up, and send it to Amazon for fulfilment.
Amazon handles your orders, your returns, shipping your products, etc. Private labelling is a great way to build a personal brand without a huge monetary commitment. You’ll need to pay for labels and your wholesale products, but once ships it’s all profit thereafter.

When it comes to making money online, the first thing you should ask yourself is if it’s been done before. If so, how much? The more competition, the less you’ll earn. Look for low competition or new ventures to ensure your ongoing success.