Up The Videogame Xbox360 Reviewed

"Reviewing games can be lots of fun and they can be tedious as well, I personally like to finish any game before I review it, and this requires a lot of time to be spent just sitting playing games. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Not when you’ve got tons of other projects in the works… Adult or Teen games are much easier to review than a games aimed at children as well they’re childish and fairly boring and mostly easy. I reviewed Up for the Wii not long ago, now I’ve got Up for the Xbox360 for review. It’s the same as the Wii but then again it’s not, as expected the graphics are better, and really overall gameplay is batter as well than on the Wii. Sure it’s not interactive like the Wii is, but those interactions the Wii offered didn’t add much to the game really. With the Xbos360 version of the game, I finished it myself and then I let my kids have it to see what their impressions were. My boys are ages 7 & 8, even though it’s rated 10+ they still didn’t have many problems with it and they like it a lot, they play it often together now."

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