Verbatim 4GB Store ‘n’ Go Micro USB Drive Review

"Just how fast memory technology has advanced over the years, it never stops amazing me.  It always advances at such incredible speed and when you think you have the best gadget, largest or fastest device, something other comes along that supersedes what was possible.  You know those floppy disks of early years?  Well that thing is totally extinct and along comes the trusty USB drive that we all utilize today.  I believe that the flash based USB drive is “the greatest thing since sliced bread” and what more can be done to advance this innovation further?  I mean the USB drive is so useful and practical that it’s erasing the need for CD media, DVD media and now even Blu-Ray media.

Verbatim is a trusted brand that has been at the forefront of data storage technology for over 39 years and today I will be reviewing one of their latest USB drives that will surely impress just about anyone and make you ask “how did they do that?”.  Today I review the penny-thin and travel-tough 4GB Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Micro USB drive."

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