Video Games are ‘sexualising children’

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Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, Big Brother psychologist has recently directed the ‘sexualisation’ of children at the face of video games.

According to The Evening Standard, Papadopoulos ‘criticised computer games containing highly sexual content, such as Miss Bimbo, in which girls compete to accumulate boob jobs in order to marry a billionaire’.

The Telegraph have also followed up on the story this morning, by printing: ‘Children are being sexualised from an increasingly early age by computer games, pornography and sex-related slogans, a government report will warn.’
Pornography and ‘Lads Mags’ such as Zoo and Nuts have also been blamed by BB psychologist.
The Home Office is due to publish her full report in a couple of weeks.

Dead Or Alive… probably a good idea to stay out of this one.

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