What Is A Virtual Office?

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With today’s economy, businesses are always looking for new ways to try and save money. Of course, some companies go further than others. And, this is where virtual offices come in. Instead of paying for an expensive building and bills, companies have their staff work from home. This can save a small company an awful lot of money. Plus, it gives them access to staff from across the globe.


Of course, as a price, companies have to deal with a certain amount of lost productivity. And, some people don’t want to work from home. But, these are some of the only problems with this method of keeping staff. Other than that, it’s a solid way to make sure that your company grows at a steady pace.


It would be pointless setting up a virtual office if you had a call center to deal with customers. Instead, a lot of companies use a call answering service. You have dedicated people on the phones, who will direct callers to the right person in your business. This means that the customer can still dial a business number, but end up talking to someone on a mobile. This makes a business feel more professional. A lot of customers won’t call a mobile number, even if it’s all they’re given.


For similar reasons, it’s also good to use a mail forwarding address instead of having customers send mail to you directly. This gives you a chance to have a high-class address, without having to invest in an office. It also allows you to keep your personal address a secret; which is a great boon for a new business. When you receive something to your forwarding address, it will be sent along to you as soon as possible. This is much cheaper than other options.


Sometimes, a business will need to meet with outsiders. Whatever the reason for the meeting, it has to be held in a professional environment. This means that their has to be a building involved. Instead of buying something for this, companies will rent a conference room. This ensures that you will have a professional space, as well as security that there will always be a space available. Usually, these services will be charged a daily rate for their use. This makes it a very cost effective method of hosting clients.



A lot of money can be saved when running a virtual office. But, those savings are not just found from the lack of a building. You can save money on your staff, too. Because they don’t have to commute, you can hire people from anywhere in the world. This gives you access to staff from countries where pay rates are much lower. Taking advantage of this may feel bad. But, in places like this the lower pay rates will match a lower cost of living. So, you’re paying people what their work is worth in their country.


Outsourcing like this can be done on different scales. Some work, like basic website tweaks and builds, can be sourced through websites like Freelancer.com. But, if you need people to be more permanent, you may have to go hunting for staff yourself. Whatever method is chosen, you need to make sure that you trust someone before hiring them.


Virtual offices can be setup with a minimal budget. It makes it easier to justify having staff on a freelance contract, which gives you much more freedom as an employer. It also allows you to avoid having to cover travel expenses or having to travel yourself. You can find affordable virtual office services at yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk. They and similar companies offer everything we’ve looked at, with the exception of outsourced workers.


Using a single company to handle these services for you will provide you with a great way to make sure that everything is uniform. You don’t have to worry about one aspect failing and hampering the others because they’re all run by a professional company. This means that there are fallbacks in place to deal with outages or other issues. The money that is saved from not having to run an office can be used to fund other areas of your business. So, this can help your business grow like you wouldn’t expect. It may even enable you to hire more staff.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to expand your business and get yourself a virtual office running. Of course, anything like this requires a great deal of work. So, it’s worth investing time into research before taking on the venture.