What will the highly anticipated iPhone 7 bring?

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The iPhone 7 is due to be unveiled on the 7th of September. There are already several rumours floating about regarding its appearance and differences from its 6s predecessor but what are the upcoming features for iOS 10? The Mobile experts at Mobile Phones Direct look at the rumoured changes.


Emoji’s Galore


Good news emoji fans, there’s heaps of new emoji’s on the way. It seems that this time, they’ve been given somewhat of a political makeover. The gun emoji has been scrapped and replaced with a water pistol; whilst there are also new emoji’s to represent single-parent families as well as female athletes.


Wake me up before you Go-go

The lock screen and its general concept have been completely redesigned. Apple have introduced a raise to wake feature, which makes the screen light up and go to the home screen upon lifting the device up.


Notification clear out


In addition to the all-new raise to wake feature, there will also be a command to clear all notifications from the lock screen. You can also respond to notifications without having to leave the lock screen thanks to 3D Touch shortcuts.


Goodbye slide to unlock

To gain access to the home screen, there will be no more ‘Slide to unlock’ – which has been around since the release of the very first iPhone in 2007 – but instead ‘Press home to open’.


The control centre has had a complete revamp too. With new apps, it will be split over multiple screens.


Keyboard and Siri

The keyboard meets Siri with improved predictive test and suggestions to add necessary pictures or files. This will integrate the new QuickType technology, it’s set to much better at predicting what you’re going to say and it will use data from relevant apps to produce your response, i.e. someone asks you for your location? You bet Siri will work with the map app and offer a response.


The multilinguals among us are also in for a treat as support for multilingual typing will be offered and you won’t even have to switch keyboards! And that’s not the only change to Siri, you will now be able to use voice activation with non-Apple apps such as Uber, WhatsApp and RunKeeper.



Photos have also seen a technical renovation. The app will now use some pretty intense learning methods to analyse faces and places in order to build smart albums. Photos and videos alike will be linked through faces, places and time which will automatically create some sentimental highlights called ‘Memories’ which you’ll be able to coo at.


Apple Music


Thankfully, Apple Music will be a whole lot simpler and place more emphasis on the features you use daily and for those of you who like to sing along, onscreen lyrics will be available.




In terms of other built-in apps, the Maps app has also been redesigned and will be a lot easier to use.


Whilst using the app, simply swipe up and it will give you a list of suggested locations that you regularly visit at around that time, it is also able to remember where you parked your car giving you one less thing to worry about after a long day. You will also be able to sub-filter filters allowing you to search for specific restaurants – you’re after a Chinese takeaway?


Brilliant, you will now be able to sift through Chinese takeaways in your area without having to sieve through all of the other takeaways as well.




The News App will also be easier to navigate with Apple adding few new subscriptions in there as well as the option to toggle which Breaking News items you receive. And for those built-in apps you don’t use (cough, stocks), you can now delete them! Thus you won’t have to delete those precious photos to free up space on your device.




For the futuristic folk who own smart homes, then the iPhone 7 is definitely for you. With a app completely tailored to controlling appliances which at the HomeKit, this is definitely a digital revolution. You will be able to control all of the HomeKit accessories from one device, whether it’s turning the TV on, dimming the lights, drawing the curtains, or turning on the tap.


Message and Phone

Obviously the original sole purpose of a phone was to phone and text so how do the Phone and Message apps fare with Apple’s latest device? Good news for users who dread voicemails, iOS will convert the voicemail into text so you won’t even have to listen to it.


As for bogus callers, you will now be warned when one is calling as Apple have vowed to clamp down on spammers.


When sending a text or iMessage and you wish to share a link, it will now appear as it would on Twitter and Facebook and a précis of the article will appear so the recipient can see a preview of the link before clicking on it.


In terms of predictive text, emoji – which is now three times larger – will be automatically incorporated; in fact you may just be able to send a whole text in emoji as the device will scan the message and highlight all the words which are replaceable with an emoji.


You will also be able to add numerous bubble effects to messages. And perhaps the most daunting feature is that you will be able to send an invisible message, so a message which will appear blurred until the recipient swipes across it with a finger. Perfect for those risky or texts or if you wish to surprise someone with a loving message, we’re hoping you’d use the latter…