Why Are Role Playing Video Games So Good?


There’s so many types of games out there to suit absolutely every type of gamer. One of the most popular is the first person shooters, such as Call Of Duty or Gears Of War. But, lately, role playing games seem to be making that all important come back that they’ve been trying to make for years. There’s good reason behind this as well. They’re just really good. People used to obsess about them around 10 years ago, with games such as Runescape dominating the online gaming world. So why are they now becoming so popular again amongst people of all ages for once? Well, this article is here to tell you the reasons why role playing video games are so good.


The Story Line

This is one of the biggest pros of a role playing game, they have such good storylines to follow. New games are being developed that are working on improving this even further. It is the storyline and the quests that you get to do that seem to draw the player in, and always leave them coming back for more. It isn’t like first person shooters. Most people only play them due to their online capabilities, and the fact that everyone in the world seems to be playing them. People come back to role playing games to try and get further ahead in the story, or to develop their characters further. A lot of them have story lines that are based on history or real life events which makes it even more engaging for some people. A lot of the story lines are also fantasy based with characters who aren’t humans, or they have special powers. A lot of them have a selection process at the start of the game where you can choose which character you want to be depending on what power you would like to have. Some of the best storylines created are shown here http://www.techradar.com/

The Variety

There’s so much variety when it comes to role playing games, and there’s so many different ways that you can play it. This variety is what draws people in. The platforms that support role playing games are also a lot better in terms of quality. If you play a first person shooter on the PC, you’re more likely to encounter poor graphics through the PC. This is because PC gaming is so much more tailored to the role playing gaming world. You can also find so many role playing games on the consoles. It really is an all round perfect game to play on any platform. Plus, there’s just so many games being designed at the minute that are constantly making themselves better. Take the Final Fantasy games for example. They are a collection that has been going on for years and year. Over the recent years, it has got so much better in terms of quality of graphics and game play. You can check out more information at https://www.finalfantasyxvapp.com/. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, there’s also games such as World Of Warcraft that are still going strong to this day after years of competing against other games. If the fact that they can keep producing game after game, and it being immensely popular doesn’t prove the fact that they’re making massive strides in terms of quality then we don’t know what will.

Online Capabilities

Like we said in the opening paragraph, a lot of people seem to choose first person shooters because they can keep coming back and playing online with their friends. The beauty about role playing games is most of them offer the same service. A lot of the most recently designed games require you to work as a team to complete quests, or just let you roam around whatever world you’re in together. There’s some examples of games that require this here https://www.pcgamesn.com. It is a great way for people to make new friends through the internet. Without this online capability it is easy for a game to get a little lonely. There is something that makes it so much better if you can chat to real people along the way. It is also great for helping each other out. Any game, it doesn’t matter what is is, is annoying sometimes. There will always be that one quest that you can just never compete. If you’ve got people who are a higher level than you, it is easier to move forward with the game if you just ask them what to do.

So there you have it, some of the few reasons why role playing games are so good. They’re always growing in popularity and quality, it’ll be good to see what the coming years bring. You can read more about why gaming is such as magical experience here http://tech-reviews.co.uk