Will the Xbox 720 and PS4 be 3D capable consoles?

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With 3D becoming the norm in a variety of areas such as TV, film and gaming; the long awaited Xbox 720 and Sony PS4 are suspected to be the first 3D capable games consoles once they are released.

BAFTA award winning game developer, Paul Jeal, thinks this is to be the case once the next generation consoles are released.

He revealed that 3D won’t be coming to the release of the F1 2011 game, which is released in the UK soon, but he mentioned that it could possibly be implemented into future F1 games.

“I think if we use it in the right places with bits of damage or debris flying out of the screen it could work. Perhaps it’ll help you gage the braking distances better with the car in front.”

What are your thoughts on the Xbox 720, PS4 or just 3D gaming in general?