Xbox 360 will get price cut

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All gamers remember the time not so long ago when they purchased the Xbox 360 20GB Pro system and then their was a big price cut which many were angry about, now the price is being cut again so refrain from purchasing one until the 7th September and you will get one a bit cheaper.

The September 7th price drop will see the low-end Xbox Arcade system move to a £100 price point. With the new 60GB version of the Xbox 360 Pro system moving to a £150 price point the Xbox 360 Elite will move to a £200 price point.

There will be at least some unhappiness surrounding this price drop to those who dove in at £150 for the 20GB Pro system when Microsoft was clearing out inventory. Still, we expect that Microsoft will announce that it will start selling the 60GB hard drive separately or drop the price on the 120GB hard drive to a bit more affordable level.

The big worry is that Microsoft can’t afford to drop the price this much and still turn a profit. The reality is that with all of the recent moves by Microsoft to reduce the overall cost of the Xbox 360 platform they should still be able to turn a slight profit to break even on each Xbox 360 that they sell. The only exception being the £100 Arcade system where they likely break even or lose £5 to £10 on every console sold, but they make it up on software, accessories, and subscriptions/points that these customers buy.