Antec P183 Mid-Tower Case

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Testing cases is a rather odd ball, as the main test of a case is the features, cooling and noise level in which it entails. We’ve detailed the features and aesthetics of this case, so all that needs to be conducted now is some small detailed tests to highlight any problems in which the case could suffer from.

Strength: The way in which we test strength is fairly simple. We stand on the top of the case and jump up and down on it – this is quite a fun test and can really show the effectiveness of the construction. A case which is strong should not be damaged from this test at all; whereas a weak case would bend and buckle.

Noise: Testing noise is quite difficult as expensive sound equipment is needed which unfortunately, we don’t have access to. Instead, we use our own God given human ears to inform you an ‘as accurate as we can get’ explanation on the case’s noise with a comparative conclusion of its noise.

Cooling: We don’t usually test this – although sometimes we may take temperatures from different components – what we do is explain to you the way in which the cooling of this particular case works. We then highlight any issues or improvements which can be made to the cooling.