Antec P183 Mid-Tower Case

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The P183 is a case that has come about from customer feedback that has now been implemented by Antec. A big company listening to its customers is great to see. The new revisions are all good and contribute to making this case very impressive.

The construction is top quality as we have come to expect from all Antec products and there are nice touches all through the design that make this case stand out.

Of course some people may argue installation isn’t tool less or that it’s too heavy or too expensive but these aspects aren’t particularly important. What is, however, is the overall performance and for the P183 it is unquestionably of the highest order.

Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this case and it’s the best enclosure I’ve come across this year by far.


  • Strong and robust
  • Great cooling potential
  • Very quiet – noise reduction mounts
  • Professional construction
  • Visually appealing


  • Quite expensive
Editors Choice Award