Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2011) Review

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All in all, the Apple MacBook Air (mid 2011) is a compact, light and extremely powerful machine. With 4GB of memory and a very quick 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, the MacBook Air is capable of all tasks that you throw at it.

With the ability to run tens of applications and still perform to a very high standard, this is something that you wouldn’t be able to do on Microsoft Windows notebooks with similar specs.

Mac OS X Lion really makes use of every last drop of power and the overall experience is very impressive.

Now, the price. As you’ll most likely know, Apple products aren’t the sort of products you go and buy without thinking about it first. There are four versions of the current MacBook Air, those being the 64GB 11-inch, 128GB 11-inch, 128GB 13-inch and 256GB 13-inch costing £849, £999, £1099 and £1349, respectively.

Many of you will probably say that these are overpriced, but when you compare the MacBook Air with another Ultrabook such as the Asus Zenbook, which starts at around £850 and goes up to £1200, the prices aren’t all that different really, and neither are the specifications.

Overall, in terms of both design and performance, the Apple MacBook Air is a brilliant product, and when combined with the easy to use interface of OS X Lion, the possibilities are endless.


  • Battery life
  • Graphics
  • Great performance
  • Display resolution creates illusion of a much larger screen
  • Design
  • Ultra thin and lightweight


  • Fan can become loud during at times


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