Asus Axe Square CPU Cooler

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Test Setup


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3GHZ


ASUS P5K Premium


Geil Black Dragon (2x 1GB) DDR2 6400

Graphics Card

Zotac 9600GT


Western Digital SE16 500GB


Windows Vista Home Premium SP1


To test CPU Coolers we simply boot the PC up into Windows Vista and measure temperatures under idle and load states. The temperature is recorded from the CPU’s own diode using SpeedFan.

For idle testing, we leave the PC doing nothing for half an hour and take 3 temperature readings at 10 second intervals after 30mins. We then use the average score from these as the result.

When testing at load temperatures, we use a similar method but load both cores of our CPU right to 100% by loading two processes of ‘CPU Burn-In’.

Ambient (testing environment) temperature was 21 degrees Celsius.

We’ll be comparing the Asus Axe Square to the stock Intel Cooler (copper base model). Arctic Silver 5 is the thermal paste which will be used when testing both of the coolers.

The processor will be tested at stock clock.