BenQ W1060 Projector Review

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Picture / Video Quality

For testing, we’ve got our results for hooking up a computer, which in this case is my MacBook Air (via VGA and VGA to Display Port adapter), and also the LG TV in the other room (via HDMI).

Setting up the projector was the simplest task imaginable. You basically hook up the power cables, connect your device to the projector and turn it on. The source auto-detection feature will change the source depending on the port being used.

At first the projection won’t be displayed how you’d like it to be so you can easily adjust this via the focus and zoom wheels, on the projector.

Via the menu or backlit remote control, you can also change the preset picture settings, brightness, contrast or any other projection setting. With the ability to have three user settings, you could have one designed for your laptop, TV and even presentations if you’re going to be using this in the office.

I found that even without changing any of the settings, the projector working instantly and also very well. The 2,000 ANSI lumen lamp managed to display a very clear image in both a darkened room and well-lit room. In situations where the content being shown was very dark, I could still easily make this out in the well-lit room and darkened room.

If you’re going to be using the projector in the dark, you might want to take advantage of the Eco mode featured on the BenQ W1060. This will cut the power of the lamp by a considerable amount, whilst still displaying a very clear image on the wall. In the long run, this will save you money on your electricity bills.

For hooking up my MacBook Air I was using a VGA cable, which worked brilliantly. The picture quality was great and there was a lot of detail in the projection. However, connecting a device via HDMI is definitely where the BenQ W1060 shines and outperforms a whole range of high-end projectors.

The overall quality when the TV was connected via HDMI was extremely impressive with the projection looking like you’ve just bought a giant HD TV. The colours were extremely vibrant in films, and thanks to the noise reduction and detail enhancement features included in the W1060 the picture was simply brilliant.

Audio Quality

Despite the extremely impressive picture quality, there is a downside. We hooked up the two 10w speakers that are built in to the projector and found that the audio quality was at the opposite end of the scale when compared with the picture quality. They appeared to lack bass completely and the treble wasn’t too good either.

It’d be a good idea to purchase some separate speakers or just use your laptop / PC speakers if you’re going to be using this in a situation where you’re presenting something.


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