Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Headphones Review

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To test the Mo-Fi headphones I used them with my iPhone 6, MacBook Pro Retina, an iMac and a custom-made Windows-based gaming laptop.

I don’t really have a specific genre of music that I listen to, just something with a good beat or guitars. I listen to everything from Bloc Party to Metallica to Liquid Drum and Bass.

I tested all of the music I listened to with both the amp powered on and off.

Included with the Mo-Fi headphones are two audio cables; a 9.8ft cable to hook the headphones up to an amp or media device that’s relatively far away from you, and a shorter 3.9ft cable with iPhone/iPad/iPod controls.

The included USB charging cable is 3.2ft long, which is a little short in my opinion as it doesn’t enable you to keep the headphones out of reach and also charge them up. Using your own longer microUSB to USB cable isn’t a problem though.


Other accessories also include a 1/8-inch-to-1/4-inch audio adapter, which you could use to connect to a guitar amp when it’s too late at night to blast the house out with your guitar playing, and also a two-prong airplane adapter. All of the adapters are gold-plated, improving connection quality and reducing the risk of oxidation on the adapter.


A neat little carry bag, with magnetic clasp, is also included to store the headphones when not in use.


Obviously after reading about what sort of tech is inside these headphones, and how much effort appears to have been put in to making them, you’re going to expect phenomenal audio quality. Well, it’s safe to say that’s what you get… and more.

Listening to music through the Mo-Fi headphones is quite possibly one of the best audio experiences I’ve had in over 7 years of reviewing. That’s a bold claim, but I can honestly say I haven’t heard songs sound this good through headphones in a long time. It almost sounds like you’re in the recording studio listening to these songs being recorded, instead of sat at your desk listening through Spotify.

The highs, mids and, more importantly, the lows are out of this world. You can hear the perfect mix of the lows, mids and highs on all of the songs you listen to and there is no distortion whatever the volume. From the drums to the vocals you can hear everything that has been used to put a song together. Instead of headphones it’s more like having ultra high-quality monitors sat right next to your ears.

I did find myself occasionally turning the volume down just to remember where I was due to becoming so immersed in sound. However, even on lower volumes you’re still immersed in sound due to the headphones’ ability to almost completely stop sound leakage and block exterior noises.

Normally when I’ve reviewed headphones in the past there has only been a couple of genres that they work well with, but to be quite honest everything about the Mo-Fi headphones works brilliantly.

Are they worth it?

Priced at near enough £300, these are more expensive than some top of the range Bose and Sennheiser headphones. However, the sound quality, build quality and overall design tops both of these put together.

With an extreme level of comfort the Mo-Fi headphones, which weigh 1.3kg, hardly feel like they’re on your head, which is an extraordinary feat for such bulky and well-padded ear cups.


With the Mo-Fi headphones, from Blue Microphones, being one of Blue’s first adventures in to the world of headphones, I’m incredibly impressed with the end result.

Featuring an extremely unique design, unbelievable levels of comfort and unreal audio quality, you could easily use these headphones for 12 hours straight and not feel any discomfort. Yes the price is very high, but after using these headphones for around three weeks I’ll quite happily state that these are one of the best pairs of headphones I’ve used in years and well worth the money.

The design, whilst very cool-looking and unique, could cause complications if you wanted to travel around with them a lot. They’re compact and sturdy enough to be packed in your bag without risking damage though.

Whether you’re after a pair of headphones to use whilst chilling out at home after a long week at work, or you’re after some high-quality headphones to use whilst creating your next top 10 hit, the Mo-Fi headphones work in a whole range of different environments.


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Excellent comfort and are extremely adjustable for all sized heads
  • Integrated amp offers even better audio experience than the already amazing passive-headphone experience


  • Dimensions may not make the headphones an ideal travel-companion
10 StarsGreat Value

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