Case Mate Monsta Case for iPhone 4 Review

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Product Overview

I have seen this case around a lot before and I just had to get my hands on it. When taking it out the packet it felt of average quality, but it wasn’t until I placed it on my phone that it felt and looked amazing. All the ports were accessible, but in a few places quite tacky, and in one place I had a purple stain on the silicon which was very disappointing. This case is really for the appearance and I must say it starts conversations when you’re out and about. It has silicon bumps to provide more grip in your hand as well as when placed on a surface. The colouring on the back was slightly off in places, for example some of the white colouring was on the black and it would show up and it looked like dust or tip-ex.


Overall an amazing looking case which protects your iPhone, if they took away the small defects this case could of been one of my favourites.