Casetify Apple Watch Band Review

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Customising your smartphone case, tablet case or smartwatch band with a unique design gives your device much more of a personal touch. Casetify offer a brilliant service for customising cases and Apple Watch bands using your Instagram and Facebook photos. Today we’re checking out one of the Apple Watch bands they have available. However, with the bands costing just over £40, are they worth it?

Whilst the bands are incredibly expensive, the build quality and overall finish of the straps is really good.

With an extremely large selection of designs, and the ability to create your own, there’s something for everyone.

A cool point about these Apple Water bands is that all of the designs are created by different people. Some are artists, some are designers. It’s safe to say that they all look amazing!

The strap I’ve got to check out today was designed by Emeline, from Project M. She has an insanely large selection of abstract designs that are worth checking out if they’re your sort of thing.

Having used the original Apple Watch band for the past few months, I’m quite attached. It’s comfortable, and is easy to both fasten and remove thanks to the pin-and-tuck closure feature. The Casetify band has a lot to live up to.

First off, the design is great. I’m quite a fan of abstract designs, so it suits my tastes.



Unlike the original Apple Watch band, with the pin-and-tuck closure feature, the Casetify band is a traditional watch strap design.

In terms of comfort, it’s ok. It’s certainly not great considering the £40+ price tag, however it’s amazing how much the look of your watch changes just by switching the strap.


In the time I’ve been testing the band I can’t fault it too much really. The only things that weren’t great were the price and uncomfortable nature of the strap after long periods of time.

Compared with the original Apple Watch Sport Band, that I’m currently using, I have to admit that I’m not overly impressed. For such a high price tag I was expecting a little more than just a cool design.

The smartphone and tablet case service is a lot more reasonably priced at around £20 per case.

At the end of the day the Casetify bands look good, but I can’t justify spending £44 just for a different design and a less comfortable experience.