CineXPlayer for iPad Review

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With the iPad being as popular as it has become this past year, you’d think that it would be able to play any file type, well you thought wrong! Unfortunately, Apple’s own iPod application can only handle .mov files but thanks to CineXPlayer for iPad (which was allowed into the AppStore by almighty Jobs) you can now play a wide range of file types such as XVID, AVI, 3GP and even protect your videos from prying eyes, let’s take a quick look at the App in action…

CineXPlayer does cost £1.79 from the AppStore but surely you can’t put a price on freedom? Loading the app up gives you a glimpse at the CineXPlayer logo on a very detailed abstract background, which looks great on the iPad’s screen, before taking you straight into the video library.

The first time you launch CineXPlayer, the library will be empty but an included guide on how to transfer videos into your library is there to help you. Adding a file couldn’t be simpler. With your iPad connected to your Mac or PC, open up itunes and navigate to the “Apps” tab inside the Devices section. At the bottom of this tab is the File Sharing box which will show you which apps you can transfer files to.

Once you’ve added your video, there is no restarting your iPad or syncing, it should just appear in your library pretty much straight away.

To play a video, you simply just tap on the video you’d like to watch and it will start playing immediately – simple really.

As with most video players, you normally have access to a few options such as subtitles, changing the view of the video (full screen/widescreen etc…), well CineXPlayer have all this and more! They have gone just that little bit further and included some privacy features which function extremely well.

All of your videos are stored in the video library where you have the power to add categories and folders for your collection and even password protect them (password protection is included as an In App Purchase). I have to say that this is a very interesting feature I don’t think I’ve seen in a video player app before.


The overall design of CineXPlayer is top notch and has a clean, friendly user interface that’s easy to navigate around. The settings offer a variety of options including changing subtitle font sizes, turning on/off playing all movies in a specific folder as well as premium features such as 3D movie functionality.

After playing a few videos and having a look around the application, I can definitely see that it is far more advanced than Apple’s own built-in media player.  One reason that users could possibly avoid the app is the fact that it is a paid application and I know of quite a few people that would go out of their way to find a free alternative; having said that, I’d happily pay for CineXPlayer on my iPad due to the fact that it can handle a whole basket full of file types whereas the iPod application cannot.


  • Can handle a wide range of different file types
  • Is relatively cheap and is definitely good value for money
  • Easy to use
  • More than just a media player


  • Password protection and 3D movie support cost more money once you’ve already paid for the app

Rating: 9/10