ClipFlip Application Review

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Product Overview

Everyone wants to make a bit of money on the side, and with the new ClipFlip app you can do just that! The way you make money is simple. You just open up the app, film a short video and upload it. And then within 48 hours they will offer you a price for that clip.

The app is super simple, you sign up with your PayPal so that any money sent to you is sent securely and safely, I was a bit curious about doing this at the start but I have had no problems and the money went straight through.








The whole design of the application is very simple and easy to use, it has a very user friendly appearance with bright colours and large buttons so that it doesn’t confuse you at all. Sometimes I thought it would have been easier if you could have chosen a video from your photo library because I had some funny clips which could have easily earnt me some quick money, but I think clipflip stop this due to people having a lot of copyrighted videos in their library such as music videos etc…

Overall Opinion

Overall this is a really great app to make a couple pounds out of, but don’t expect to earn a lot out of it as it doesn’t work like that, it’s easy to use and has a really nice fun layout to it. The only thing is that it can sometimes be a bit slow even on the Apple iPhone 4S and if you have a slow internet connection then uploading the videos may take a while. But this is definitely a nice application to have on your smart phone.