CoolAge Orb X120 Transform X120TF CPU Heatsink Cooler

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N.B. More results from other i7 CPU Coolers will be added in due course.

Coolage X120TF

As you can see from the graph above, the Coolage X120TF absolutely thrashed the Stock Intel cooler. So much so, that the Coolage’s overclocked temperatures were better than the Intel’s stock ones.

More Overclocking…

Due to the ridiculously low temperatures I felt I still had a bit of headroom for some extra overclocking.

After kicking the CPU Vcore to 1.2v and raising the BCLK to 181 I managed to achieve a stable overclock of 3.8GHz.

Still though, the temperatures seemed reasonably low. So back into the Bios again, I upped the CPU Vcore to 1.25v, gave the QPI/DRAM 1.3v and changed the BCLK 190. This gave me an approx 4GHz overclock which is still, rock stable. After benchmarking it using SuperPI, I can conclude with the temperatures from both overclocks:

Coolage X120TF

The 3.8GHz ones are certainly fine as they’re actually lower than the ones achieved by the Stock Intel cooler at mere stock clocks.

Although the temperatures from the 4GHz overclock are still okay, I don’t like having my CPU running over the 75 degrees mark. Therefore, I stuck with the 3.8GHz overclock. I’m pretty sure, if i spent a little more time tinkering, my i7 920 could go even further.

To see my 4GHz overclock settings, click here.


As the Coolage X120TF is just a heat sink – no fan is included – its noise is affected more dominantly by the choice of fan installed. However, after trying a number of different fans on the heat sink, I can confirm that if you choose the correct fan (such as a Noiseblocker Black Silent) you will end up with a very silent but effective CPU Cooler. The new fin design definitely reduces turbulence.