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The first piece of hardware we installed in the Cosmo S was the PSU. This was relatively simple and all the screw holes lined up perfectly.

The next step was to install our motherboard bundle consisting of a CPU, RAM and CPU cooler pre-installed. Due to the large amount of space, this was a lot easier than other installations we’ve witnessed.

Due to thumbscrews being used on the PCI plates, installing my graphics card was very simple and completely tool-less. With some cases, I’ve experienced difficulties installing video cards as there has often not been enough room to fit a screw driver in to install the screw on the PCI plate. Fortunately with the thumbscrews, this wasn’t the case and the video card was installed within seconds – literally!

Cooler Master Cosmos S Review

The main 5.25” drives were also very simple. Simply pop them in the bays, line them up neatly with the drive bays and push CM’s patented tool-less drive securing mechanism. The drives were quite secure only being held in position at one side of the drive bays, however I opted for the safest route ( I’m a wimp) and also used screws at the other side of the drive bay – – where the tool-less drive installation method is not used.

That was most of the big parts out the way, time for the hard drive. This was quite a lengthy process; remove 3 drive bay face plates, yank hard drive cage out, screw hard drives in place, wedge cage back into drive bays. Although, once complete, the hard drive is very secure and dampened by noise isolators.

The last part of the installation was getting the side panels on. Unfortunately, this was the most difficult part! The main side panel went on fine, but the other panel was a bit of a struggle to install. This was because the wires that were sent around the back of the motherboard plate – – for cable management – – were too thick in some areas. This was a bit of a shock to me, as I routed all the wires the exact way that Cooler Master instructed me to on the card sheet which was taped to the motherboard plate. After re-jigging the cables the side panel was on. Now its time for testing…

Cooler Master Cosmos S Review