Cooler Master Cosmos S

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The Results

Sonata 550 Plus Cosmos S
CPU 26 18
HDD 40 24
Motherboard 32 25

These results are by far more than just impressive. They show a certain drop in temperature on all pieces of hardware. This is partially due to the 3x 120mm and 1x 200mm fans installed in this case, but is also down to the mesh which surrounds the side panel and the aluminium construction – – which effectively works like a fridge.

This cooling comes at a price though, noise. With the factory fans installed, the Coolermaster is quite a loud case. A certain whirring can definitely be heard. However, if you’re an over-clocker, gamer or enthusiast, then noise probably doesn’t mean much to you.

Another feature we love about the Cosmos S is the glowing red socket symbols and touch-sensitive buttons – – they look more than just cool, hardcore…heh.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Review


The Cooler Master Cosmos S retails at around £150. This is the average price to pay for a large aluminium case like this. You really have to be a proper hardcore enthusiast to buy one of these.