Cooler Master Cosmos S

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Cooler Master has done it again designing a very unique case. The Cosmos S is a case which looks awesome, is very spacious and is constructed from aluminium – – a lighter metal which dissipates heat much quicker than steel. This makes the Cosmos S a very good cooler alone. However, rigged with a whopping 200mm side fan and 3x 120mm fans, the cooling is pretty excessive and managed to cool my e6750 to a low 18 degrees Celsius.

There are only two real drawbacks to this case: noise and size. Overall, the Cooler Master is a pretty big case (full tower) – making it ideal for water-cooling and over-clocking. However, it’s not really ideal for the average enthusiast or gamer because it’s just too heavy. The same goes for noise; it will be noisy for most people, but not hardcore over clocking and water-cooling enthusiasts who seem to want as many fans as possible.

Therefore, I’m proudly going to award the Cooler Master Cosmos S the ‘Hardcore Award’, which we have never yet awarded a product. Well done Cooler Master… you’re Hardcore!

Cooler Master Cosmos S Review