Equinux Tizi Review

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Being in an area where the TV signal is not brilliant at the best of times, I had to wonder around my garden with the Tizi looking like a bit of an idiot, but for most it should just work wherever you are! Carrying the Tizi around was easy thanks to its small and compact design. It could fit in my pocket easily whilst still receiving a signal.

Because we’re in the UK, we received all of the digital (Freeview) channels, which includes TV and radio channels.

The Tizi was very simple to set up. To get the Tizi working, all you need to do is turn it on using the button on the right and connect your iPhone or iPad to the Tizi wireless network that it broadcasts.

You’ll also need to make sure you download the free Tizi TV application from the App Store before you can use it.

You’re prompted to set-up the application on its first time loading. The app will scan for available channels and will then proceed in taking you to the main screen.

The five icons along the centre of the application control pretty much everything you can do on the application.

You have the ability to set a timer to alert you when a programme is starting, it’s not a very complex timer because you just select the time and it will alert you when it gets down to zero, but it works well.

You can also change the volume to suit your needs using the volume button.

The centre button is probably my favourite feature out of all of them because it allows you to record TV directly onto your iPhone or iPad! A brilliant feature that I’ve never seen on an iDevice before.

The quality of the recording was just as it was seen whilst viewing the program live, which is great because you’d usually think that the quality would be compromised. I’m not too sure how much space would be taken up on the iPhone or iPad if you recorded quite a few shows, but I’m guessing that with all of your music and applications, the free space would soon disappear.

You can also access the app settings on the second to last icon, this screen provides a range of features including Channels & Channel Order, Display and Recordings.

The last icon (the movie clip icon), is where all of your recordings are stored. They’re all ordered in a clean and simple manner as well as the date and the length being displayed under the program name.


After testing the Tizi; both at home and whilst in town. Both locations proved to work fairly well with the Tizi, the town in particular mainly due to the fact that it’s a more built up area than where I live so the signal was considerably better.

Because of the Tizi’s compact and thin design, it was easy to transport in my pocket along with my wallet and iPhone.

After using the device, I feel that the antenna could do with a slight re-design because it felt fairly flimsy and would most likely only take a few knocks and catches before it would get damaged or broken.

Both the video and audio quality were brilliant and I can’t complain at all about either.

With the ability to record TV, set timers and take TV with your wherever you go, the Tizi is a great little product that could be used in a variety of situations whether that’s by the kids in the back of the car on long journeys or just outside on a hot summers day.

Retailing at £139.95, we feel that it’s a little on the expensive side for a mobile TV device, and when you add the fact that you’ve already paid at least £300 for an iPad and more for an iPhone, it becomes one hell of an expensive TV with a small screen…

In an ideal world, we’d like to have seen it priced up at no more than £90.

If you are planning on purchasing one, you can do so by visiting the Equinux page here where you also have the option to purchase a white model.


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