idlestock Evercool Buffalo

idlestockbuffalo Evercool Buffalo

idlestockg Evercool Buffalo

From the idle (stock) testing it’s apparent that the Buffalo gave a 3 degrees drop in CPU temperature and a 2 degrees drop in system temperature.

The load (stock) testing shows a whopping 9 degrees CPU drop over the Intel cooler. Furthermore, there is a 3 degree system temperature drop. As you can see, the system temperature at load when using the Buffalo is exactly the same as idle.

loadstock Evercool Buffalo

loadstockbuffalo Evercool Buffalo

loadstockg Evercool Buffalo

The overclocked results show a 6 degrees drop in CPU temperature for the Buffalo at idle and a surprising 5 degree system temperature drop.

idleoc Evercool Buffalo

idleocbuffalo Evercool Buffalo

idleocg Evercool Buffalo

The overclocked results are also impressive with a gobsmacking 14 degree drop over the Intel at load. Like the overclocked results at idle, there’s also a 5 degree system temperature difference between the two coolers.

loadoc Evercool Buffalo

loadocbuffalo Evercool Buffalo

loadocg Evercool Buffalo


Although the results in terms of cooling performance were very good; unfortunately the noise results weren’t – the Buffalo is slightly louder than the stock Intel. Although the stock Intel isn’t particularly loud anyway, there are definitely some quieter coolers to be had if you’re upgrading with noise being your primary purpose.


The Evercool Buffalo can be bought in the USA for $23 which works out at about £15 over here in the UK. For a CPU Cooler which gives the cooling performance that this product does, I think it’s a very reasonable price to pay.

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