Ferrari F430 Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel

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Ferrari F430 Racing Wheel


In recent times, gaming peripherals such as steering wheels have advanced dramatically. With advancements such as force feedback, driving cars on racing games can be exactly the same as the real thing. This has led to a gigantic group of online racing drivers and forums. There have even been accounts of professional online drivers stepping up to rallying in real world contests.

Today for review we have a PC steering wheel with all the latest technology advancements from a company called ‘Thrustmaster’. The Pro Force Feedback wheel is an exact replica of the Ferrari F430 wheel. With features such as a sequential gearbox, manettino dial and a magnetic resistance brake pedal, the Thrustmaster F430 racing wheel certainly looks to be a good product. Let’s find out if it is…


  • Official Ferrari licensed product: The brand with 99% consumer-awareness worldwide!
    Ferrari is synonymous with victory and competition, values that players appreciate
    – Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: passion, performance, innovation, quality
  • 5-position “Manettino” dial: Exclusive!
    – 5 backlit positions: Lets you configure your car directly in the race
    – Choice of Manual or Automatic configuration
  • High-quality materials
    – Extra-large steering wheel: 28cm in diameter!
    – Rubber-textured coating
    – Metal axle and ball-bearing mechanism (maximum precision, smoothness and sturdiness)
    – Mixed belt-pulley and gears system(Flexible and ultra-quiet Force Feedback mechanism)
  • Ferrari style wheel-mounted aluminum sequential gearbox
    – 2 digital, aluminum UP and DOWN levers
  • Wide, weighted pedal set made of metal
    – 2 pedals made of unbreakable metal
    – Weighted base for maximum stability
    – Magnetic resistance brake pedal
  • 10 easy access action buttons + 8 direction D-Pad
  • Pro clamping system with metal structure
  • Powerful Force Feedback with Touchsense® technology (under license from Immersion Corporation)

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