Forza Motorsport 4 Review



Forza Motosport 4 delivers everything you love about cars. White-knuckle racing, stunning graphics, loads of new cars, tracks and challenges. Add ground breaking social interaction via Xbox Live and powerfully engaging Kinect experiences, and you have a game tuned to send your passion past the rev-limiter. It’s a whole new way to experience cars.

Product Overview

When I heard Forza 4 was being released, a big smile appeared on my face. I’m not usually a big racing game fan, but over the past years Forza has really impressed me and now that they are bringing out the fourth game of the series, I thought I’d review it for you guys.

The first thing you’ll notice is the graphics. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. The colours are vibrant, the cars look like they are actually there and the new lighting engine gives better reflections, lens flares and makes driving more of a pleasure. Turn 10 have done a really good job on this and they even do a brilliant job with the environment from the tiny details on leaves to the giant snowy mountains looking over the race track.

You have over 42 different car manufacturers to choose from including big names like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Audi. You can choose from a number of tracks, even the most well known tracks in the world including Top Gears’ track. The game runs at 60fps bringing you super smooth gameplay making every turn as good as the next.

Single Player

When playing single player the aim of the game is to work through all of the events to become the best racer possible, you do this by using credits to purchase cars and upgrade them by buying better parts to make your car the best in that division. You can also buy vinyls, rims, spoilers and even tint your windows. You adventure around the world tackling some of the worlds’ most famous racing tracks, fighting against your rivals trying to get first place. The whole career experience is very fun because you receive a lot of credits to purchase new cars and upgrades, this mixes things up a little so you don’t get bored.








In some points of the game you really have to use your brain to try and upgrade your car for specific things. Don’t spend all your credits at once though, because sometimes your next race might be with a different classed car, so you’ll need to spend some ‘dollar’ on your old cars.

Multi Player

Multiplayer is always a lot of fun on racing games because you all have the same division car so it doesn’t necessarily come down to the power under the hook, it’s mostly about the driver. You can pick what track you want to play on, how many laps, what type of cars and really mix it up giving everyone a challenge. Turn 10 have brought something new to multiplayer and this is called ‘clubs’.








You can join a club with a few friends or however many you want, and this can be like a team or clan you’d expect to find on other games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In this club you can share cars and interact with your team members, this will give you a club tag before your gamer tag. I like this feature because you can use some of your clubs’ cars in single player and multiplayer races, which will save you a lot of money in the long-run and may even win you the race.

Overall Opinion

Forza Motosport is a must have game, the graphics are beautiful and it plays extremely smoothly. Both single-player and multi-player are a pleasure to play and you always have something different come your way, from upgrading your new car to speeding around a famous racing track in Spain.

The only disappointment is that there are no weather changes, which some racing enthusiasts may want. Also, they only added 5 new tracks to the game compared with previous versions so you may see some familiar tracks in Forza 4. However, these are only minor points. This game is very impressive and a pleasure to play.


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  • Crashb200

    the game in my experience is very good but there are 2 things that drive me wild about it, 1. on multiplayer lobbies you can no longer see your points, this is annoying as i like to handicap racing which is made very difficult because i cannot see how many points people in the lobbie have (i know they exist you just cannot see them)
    2. this may be a good thing but personally i dont like the fact that true skill ranking has gone this gave me an urge to do better online making the racing more interesting, i still like to win but im not sure how i stack up against my club mates removing that internal competition.

    On another note in FM2 you used to be able to click on peoples names in the lobby and see how regularly they finished in the top three and out of how many races this was another great way of seeing how you were doing in relation to them