Giganta Lazer 4

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The new Giganta Lazer 4 is a mouse pad with a difference. It is made from a material that many companies have not used in their mouse pads before. It is part of a high performance mousing surface series that have been updated and are even better than before. also sells extremely good computer keyboards such as multimedia ones but they mainly deal with mouse pads.


  • The Giganta 4 measures 30cm x 24cm.
  • Its thickness is 0.6cm.
  • The weight of it all together is 0.3kg/ 0.6lb
  • The material used here is a sort of acrylic type plastic but very durable.


The Giganta arrived fairly quickly and without any problems at all. When we received it, it was in a cardboard type of packet and was well sealed and protected from anything that could have fallen on it and damaged it. This packaging was very suitable as it was light, fairly small and very protective. There was bubble wrap around the product which was in a strong, black plastic wrapper. The only bad thing about the packaging is that it is quite dark and dull and could be mistaken for just a bag if it had not been inside the box.

Giganta Laser 4

External Impressions

The aesthetics of this product were fairly good. Its an odd colour, however looks quite smart with the logo in the corner and the rounded edges.

Giganta Laser 4


I tested the Lazer 4 using a Targus laptop mouse and a Logitech MX518 Gaming mouse. The MX518 glided across this mouse pad very smoothly and silently, however, when I used a normal Targus notebook mouse, this mouse pad didn’t seem to work to well on this mouse pad and often responded weirdly when moving my mouse towards the bottom of the pad.

Giganta Laser 4

We also tested this mouse pad on one of those old retro ball mice. Oddly, the Giganta performed better using a ball mouse than using a Lazer.


Here are some factors that I liked about the Giganta:

  • Doesn’t Slip
  • Good Durability and Strength

Here are some factors that I disliked about the Giganta 4

  • The Mouse Mat only supports certain mice due to different lasers.
  • Pricey at £21.99
  • Not Very Unique
  • Not very Comfortable

Due to these points, i’m going to reward the Giganta 4 an unfortunate 2/10.

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