Hannspree Legend Smartwatch Review

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With wearable tech becoming more and more popular, many well-known brands are trying to get in on some of the action. Today we’re checking out the Hannspree Legend smartwatch. It claims to be both smart and functional, and also has a price tag of just £70.

The watch sports a standard leather watch strap, in orange. A traditional brown or black would make the watch look a little more appealing, in my opinion.



Moving on to the watch itself – it’s black in colour, and sports a 1.54-inch HD touch screen display. There is only one physical button on the watch, which is the crown – situated on the right side of the watch. On the right side of the watch you’ve also got the built-in speaker, which is used for calls, music and alerts.


If we move around to the opposite side this is where you’ll find the built-in microphone. On the underside of the watch we’ve got the Hannspree logo in the centre and the magnetic charging port on the right.



From a design point of view, the Legend appears to be well-built and looks of a fairly high quality. So far, so good.

The accessories within the box are fairly standard. You’ve got your usual quick start guide, a docking station for charging and then also the micro USB cable.


From my time with the Hannspree Legend, there have been some good points and also some bad points. First off, the build quality is amazing. From the extremely solid brushed metal body, to the scratch-resistant screen and the high-quality leather strap, there’s no doubting that a lot of thought has gone in to the design.

The main problems I found were under the hood. The watch OS was decent enough, albeit a bit basic and with a few bugs scattered around, but the way the watch connects to smartphones was long winded and for the most part didn’t work. It took forever to connect using the recommended application, and even when it did connect there were issues with is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. It got to the point where I just deleted the app half way through testing and connected using the traditional bluetooth connecting method on my smartphone.

Once you’re connected everything actually works as expected. All of the fitness and phone related apps worked well. The only part of the phone that I thought was terrible was the music player. For starters, it’s a pointless addition to a smart watch, and secondly the audio was not of a quality I’d expect to see on such a well-built device.

For £69.99 it’s a decent fitness watch, and with the added bonus of it looking good, being lightweight and comfortable I feel that the price is justified for what you get.


  • Great build quality
  • Price
  • The apps work well
  • Comfortable


  • Basic Operating System - seems unfinished in my opinion
  • Audio quality is not great
  • High-definition display doesn’t seem that good
6 Stars

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