Apple iPhone 4S Review


Apple iPhone 4S – Overview

Apple has recently released the iPhone 4S and here at Tech-Reviews UK we have managed to get one for review. In this Apple iPhone 4S review we are going to quickly go over Apple’s latest phone, showcasing the key features and giving you an overall informed verdict. Sit back, relax and read away!

Design Changes

The iPhone 4S is almost identical to the iPhone 4 in terms of aesthetics, the only key difference is that the antennas have been moved and the mute switch is slightly lower then the iPhone 4 making some cases unusable on the iPhone 4S. If you take a good look at the camera on the back you will notice a slight difference, as the camera is a complete redesign on the 4S.

Improved Camera

The iPhone 4S now has a brand new camera; it’s 8 megapixels and can shoot video in up to 1080p. There is a custom lens that has an aperture of f/2.4. The colour accuracy on this device is just beautiful, it captures colour with real depth and the lens actually lets a little more light in making the colours of your images brighter and more accurate. Here are some pictures that I took using the iPhone 4S.

As you can see from these pictures the colours are very bright which gives off a nice warm look to it. It also has face recognition and video stabilisation, which makes a difference when shooting video, here is some footage of the video quality from the iPhone 4S straight from the iPhone, no macs, no computers, plain and simple. (Uploaded via the iMovie app).


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  • Pwnagehobo

    Lol, so the iPhone 4S has almost caught up to high end android handsets… amazing!!!!

    “One feature favoured by many is the new notification system that you can access by swiping your finger from the top of the screen (as seen in …” generations of Android devices

    I don’t see how a 3.5″ smartphone that costs more than $300 can get a 5/5 rating.

  • techreviews1

    I think you’ll find that it’s not the fact that Android devices sport faster processors and other hardware items, it’s the fact that their isn’t anything wrong with the iPhone 4S.

    Now, you could say, “Oh, but it doesn’t have NFC or isn’t capable of connecting to 4G networks”, but NFC isn’t fully available everywhere at the moment anyway and for 4G, most countries around the world don’t have 4G networks available, and with the increasing number of WiFi networks scattered around, it’s fairly easy to connect to the internet.

    Also, I believe you’re referring to a one off payment of $300 (£189) for an iPhone 4S on contract and then the monthly payments of £30+ each month. This is how it’s been since the first iPhone was released so I’m not sure why you’re moaning their because the positives outway the price tag in my opinion.

    With the iPhone 4S’ hardware being a major improvement over the iPhone 4’s, why wouldn’t it receive a score of 5/5? It all works, it out-performs all other smartphones in terms of graphics/gaming capabilities –, and combined with iOS 5, which is a secure, fast, most advanced mobile operating system on the planet, “it just works”.