Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headset Review

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Testing & Verdict

In terms of music quality, the Jabra certainly performed far higher than we were expecting what with its compact design. The mid-to-high end frequencies are well catered for with clarity and although the bass response is somewhat disappointing, it has to be said that a unit of this size is never going to offer exceptional bass performance.

Still, we must concede that if drum and bass is your thing, an over-ear headset might be a better option.

On the down side, double tapping the volume bar for track skipping is difficult to achieve firstly due to not being able to see whilst wearing the Halo and secondly because it doesn’t always respond.

Moving to call quality, the Jabra Halo really excels offering clarity both ways; indeed the headset does a good job of blocking out background noise whilst delivering a clear, distinct sound quality from the caller.

Finally, the comfort and portability of the Halo is exceptional: the fold-up arms allowing the unit to slip easily into a trouser pocket and at the same time, on wearing, the headset feels light and comfortable.


Overall, we’re giving the Jabra Halo a big thumps up as a portable, wireless headset. It’s incredibly easy to use with an iPhone and offers impressive comfort and sound quality for its size. Even the slight issue with the volume and track skipping can be forgiven as it’s just as easy to do on the phone itself.


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