Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Review

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Testing and Verdict

The Jawbone Prime makes use of an interesting piece of technology called NoiseAssassin, which was originally designed for use by the military. NoiseAssassin essentially blocks out all background noise whilst you’re in a call; it’s considered to be the best-in-class-military-grade noise-cancelling technology on the market.

Another very clever feature is the Voice Activity Sensor. This is a rubber tip on the underside of the headset that, when resting on your face, detects the vibrations to determine when a noise is actually your voice. It also cancels out win noise up to 10 miles per hour, an absolute bonus if you’re driving with the window down.

Right, down to the testing.

After using the Jawbone Prime both at home in my office and in my car whilst driving, I’ve come to the conclusion that the audio quality I received through the headset was very clear and crisp, making it easy to understand everything being said to me, even with the window down.

After asking the person on the other end what the audio quality was like for them, they said that it didn’t even sound like I was in a car because they could only hear my voice and nothing else.

Some very impressive results, and the Jawbone Prime has certainly lived up to its claims.

The battery life of the Prime was also very good with up to four and a half hours talk time and more than eight days of standby time. The included USB charging cable and USB A/C adapter are very unique as well because they connect to each other via magnetism, much like the charging ports on MacBooks.

Whilst the price tag for the Jawbone Prime is relatively high for most, the performance definitely outweighs the cost.


  • High quality audio even in the loudest of situations
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Great battery life


  • None

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset that performs extremely well, has great audio and looks great, then the Jawbone Prime is right up your street.



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