Mionix Naos 3200 Gaming Mouse Review

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Testing peripherals such as mice is always very difficult due to it being based on personal preference and experience with other products. Therefore I will use the product for a solid day in both games and normal usage and comment on my experience.

DPI Buttons

When changing the DPI by pressing the DPI up/down buttons the Naos’ LEDs change through the three colours: red, green, blue.

mionix naos 3200 gaming mouse mionix naos 3200 gaming mouse mionix naos 3200 gaming mouse


I tested the Naos 3200 in Call of Duty 4 and found the mouse a complete joy to use. The grippy rubber texture of the mouse and 3200 DPI sensor allows you to quickly aim and accurately shoot enemies. I often found myself switching DPI simultaneously whilst shooting for better accuracy or when changing to a sniper. It worked very well, even in the most intense of battles, the DPI changed instantly and this was confirmed with the LEDs changing colour.

The buttons are really nice to press too. They’re soft to press and make a responsive ‘clicky’ sound.


I have fairly large hands and the Naos 3200 felt quite big in mine at first! However, after a few hours of usage you soon get used to it. I really like the ‘bulge’ which holds your ring and baby finger, it stops your fingers from crunching up beside each other and it also helps with accurately controlling the mouse. The buttons are also perfectly located and can be reached very easily. I’ll admit, this is one of the most comfortable mice I’ve ever used. However, it must be said I’ve got large hands, users with small hands will probably find this mouse too big.