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Nikon Coolpix S2500 Review: Testing and Performance

Being a point-and-shoot style camera you want to whip it out, take the shot and put it back in your pocket, all relatively quickly. The Coolpix 2500 impresses, from completely off it takes 1.4 seconds to fully turn on with the zoom or around 4 seconds to turn on and then shoot with flash. Moreover, when taking photos at 12MP there is around a 2 second delay between shots, so you can be sure you’ll never miss that lucky photo.

The configuration options are fairly extensive if you want to take it off full auto mode. There’s 17 different scene selection options covering a mixture of scenarios, weather conditions and also black and white, these can be setup manually with ISO, white balance, autofocus and continuous shots. When on the ‘Smart Portrait’ mode you can also choose a range of skin softening options, blink proof options and also a self-timer to shoot when detecting a smile. There is also a subject tracking mode and a mode for recording video.

In order to judge the image and recording quality I set the camera to photo full auto mode and shot in 12MP. Here are the results:

This photo represents the results when the camera is set to full auto and with macro mode turned on, I found that the Coolpix S2500 often did not automatically focus to the main subject in the photo and instead insisted on focusing on other areas instead. However as you can see, the depth of field is shown well with the background completely out of focus.

In this photo I zoomed in to the maximum using the optical zoom, the quality isn’t much reduced and the photo is still sharp, however generally throughout all modes the camera does seem to over saturate photos for my liking.

The detail in the shots is quite impressive for a point-and-shoot camera with this photo coming out considerably well even though the dog was frantically running back and forth.

In video mode the camera records with a basic VGA resolution as an .AVI file. The quality isn’t anything to be thrilled about and the volume of sound recorded is often too quiet to hear.



Priced at under £60 as a no fuss camera the Nikon Coolpix S2500 is a great little purchase, turn it on, shoot and walk away with an okay photo. Its compact size means it easily fits in your pocket for use at parties or when you’re out and about, where an SLR might not be possible.

The quality of the photos and range of features included on the camera was slightly better than I expected, but photos do seem a little washed out in places and the autofocus commonly struggles to capture the correct subject.

If you want a no thrills camera that produces okay results without any hassle, the Nikon Coolpix S2500 is a good option.


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