Olixar SoundPear Duo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System Review

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As the SoundPear Duo speakers can be used separately, as well as together, I’ll be testing performance both as standalone bluetooth speakers and also as a pair.

First off, the speakers are extremely portable and lightweight – a perfect accompaniment for a trip to the park or on holiday when you’re short of space. They are sturdy enough, and feel fairly well-built. I wouldn’t go dropping them on the floor though, the plastic used in the speakers’ construction probably wouldn’t withstand that amount of force.

Setting Up

There aren’t actually any instructions to tell you how to set the speakers up, however we live in a world where instruction manuals don’t get read anyway. It’s actually a very simple process.

It’s just a case of turning the speaker on, and holding down the main central button to put the speaker in pairing mode. All that’s required then is to connect to the speaker in your list of bluetooth devices.

Getting the speakers to work together will require you to hold down the pairing button on the other speaker as well, which will then connect to the other speaker. Kind of like a iPhone / speaker chain. Your iPhone will connect to the first speaker, and then the first speaker will connect to the second speaker.

Audio Quality


Audio quality from the SoundPear speaker is crystal clear. I first tested the speaker on a mid-level volume, which was fairly loud to be fair. Place the speaker on a desk and you can actually feel the vibrations from the subwoofer being passed through the desk. On that note the bass tones were also great, thanks to the passive radiator which extends the bass response of the pre-existing full-range drivers.

Turning the volume up full did introduce some slight distortion. Not an excessive amount, but the distortion mixed with increased bass meant that the speaker started vibrating and moving all over the place. The only way to fix this, and continue listening at full volume, was to place the speaker on a carpeted floor. A definite sign of how much power has been packed in to the tiny speaker.

Paired Up

Pairing the speakers up is where it gets very interesting. Most bluetooth speakers are mono speakers, even when paired up. Not the SoundPear Duo speakers. These tiny, but powerful, speakers provide true stereo sound when paired up.

The different between using one and two speakers is noticeably different. When compared with my Logitech Z4 2.1 speakers, the actual audio quality and clarity from the speakers is more or less the same. Obviously with the Z4’s connected up to a fairly large subwoofer, the bass isn’t on par. However, the bass of both SoundPear Duo speakers is very impressive!

Again, turning up full blast will be quite distorted depending on the genre of music you’re listening to. Something a little less bassy than drum and bass or dubstep, for example, will work relatively well at full volume though.


Overall my experience with the SoundPear Duo speaker system has been enjoyable. They’re small enough, even when paired together, to fit at the bottom of a bag; making them suitable for both use at home and to also take with you on holiday, or on a day out.

The speakers are durable enough to withstand knocks and bumps, and the build quality is good for the price.
I was disappointed with the level of distortion present at full volume, when listening to certain genres of music. However the loudness of the speakers at a mid-range level is still very impressive, thanks to the 1.75-inch driver and subwoofer combo housed in each speaker.

Retailing for around £34.99 from MobileFun, the SoundPear Duo offers great value. You’re able to also buy the speakers separately, however buying separately will cost you £19.99 for each speaker. Therefore you may as well save yourself some money and purchase the SoundPear Duo!

I’m awarding the SoundPear Duo Bluetooth Speaker system 8/10 for impressive audio quality and build quality. However, audio quality at higher volumes was sometimes quite distorted. Perhaps a more protective rubber coating, instead of plastic, would also be better for such a portable speaker that will almost definitely be venturing outside now and again.

8 Stars

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