Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4 Review

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I have seen a lot of reviews on Otterbox’s products and i have wanted to test one for myself for a long time, now that i have one i can share my review with you guys. This case is known as the Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 4 Case, it has a two layer design, the exterior is layered with a textured silicone and on the inside is a polycarbonate shell which keeps the phone and silicone in place. On the screen it has this coating to keep fingerprints and dirt off your screen, i did have a few problems with this, when the case is off you can simply lightly touch your screen but when you have this coating on top you actually have to put a little bit of force behind your presses for it to render your touch, this doesn’t happen very often but gets annoying when writing emails or long texts.

The design works very well as it is impact resistance, they way it works is that the hard polycarbonate shell keeps the phone safe and the silicon absorbs impact keeping your iPhone nice and safe. If your looking for a case that is pretty much a tank in your pocket and looks unique then this is the case for you.

Personally i found this case a bit too chunky for my liking at the coating over the screen just gets annoying at times, but overall one of the most protective cases i have reviewed and at the same time it doesn’t look like a pile of crap.