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Mouse Grips Review


You use your mouse all the time and it would be hard to live without it. PCXmods offers a wide range of goods for your computer including Mouse Mats, Gaming DVD’s, Input Devices, Mesh Grills and loads of Accessories.

In this review I will be reviewing the PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0. These grips are designed for Mice, Game Pads and also Joysticks, but I will just be trying them out on my trusty Logitech XM518 Gaming Mouse.

According to their website:

“Precision cut shapes to fit any mouse or trackball. Sporting a very thin profile, Mouse Grips v2.0 are designed to enhance your gameplay and computer usage by providing comfort and super grip. Installation couldn’t be easier! Simply peel them off and place them on your mouse wherever they feel the most comfortable to you. Play like a pro with Mouse Grips v2.0.


The Mouse Grips arrived direct from PCXmods in a large box stuffed with little bits of Styrofoam along with an XTracPads Pro HS Mouse pad for another review.

The Packaging was very good and was very well protected inside. Neither the Mouse Pad nor Mouse Grips had any sign of damage.

PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review

External Impressions

The Mouse Grips come in a small packet with instructions written on the back and with the product features on the front. All the information is in one language, English. The packet opens by ripping a little tab off the top.

PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review

Inside the packet is a sheet of 10 Custom Shape Mouse Grips and one sachet of alcohol wipes.

PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review

The Mouse grips look a bit like carbon fibre, on top of the carbon fibre design is a layer of rubber with circle dimples – for grip.

PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review


On the back of the mouse grips’ packet there are two simple instructions: 1. Clean 2. Install

I removed the alcohol wipe from its sachet and began cleaning my MX518. There is no need to dry the mouse after using an alcohol wipe as it evaporates itself. I must say, the alcohol wipes did a good job cleaning my MX518, so thumbs up on that.

Installing the mouse grips was dead easy, peel them off and stick them where you want.

PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review PCXmods Mouse Grips 2.0 Review


To test the Mouse Grips I just used my computer as normal and played a few games.

I found that the Grips took a while to get used to, but after that I found them to be much comfier than just using a normal mouse. After long gaming sessions, your hand tends to be a bit sweaty, this can reduce your gaming performance and is often an excuse for crap gaming. However, with these grips I found that my hand no longer sweats and my gameplay has improved considerably.


If you’re on the computer a lot or are an active gamer, then I fully recommend these pads. Not only do they make your mouse more comfy but they look amazing and stop your hand from sweating – which can’t be a bad thing. The Mouse Grips definetely do what they are suppose to do and work exceptionally well.

The Mouse Grips cost $12.95 for people in the US and around £7 for people in the UK. This is a good price for these pads, however I’d only buy them if you are an active Gamer or are on the computer a lot…otherwise I don’t think you would benefit much from these pads.


  • Look pretty cool
  • Improves Mouse Grip
  • Stops your hand from sweating
  • Makes your mouse more comfortable to use
  • Good Price


  • None
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