Plants VS. Zombies Review

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Plants VS. Zombies has been around for a couple of years now. It was game of the year in 2009 and has gone onto be a hit game on a wide range of platforms including iOS, PC, Mac, Nintendo DS and others. It is one of the few games that I have come across, that doesn’t seem to have any negative reviews on the App Store, all anyone seems to do is praise it and say how “amazing and fabulous” it is. Let’s see if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be!

Plants VS. Zombies is an adventure game brought to us by PopCap Games who have been providing the world with games since 2000. PopCap’s games are available for platforms such as Mac, PC, Xbox 360, Mobile/Smart Phones and Playstation 3. Most of you will recognise PopCap as the company who turned Bejeweled into what it has become today.

As with most games, the first thing you’ll see after loading up PVZ (Plants VS. Zombies) is the loading screen which gives you an idea of what the game is all about.

Once loaded, you will need to click the “Tap To Start” button where the loading bar used to be. This will then take you to the main menu where you can change settings, view more games, use the help section, view Game Center achievements and, of course, start to play the game!

Whilst in settings, you can change the volume of the music and/or the Sound FX and turn the vibration on or off.

Now onto the game itself. When you first click Adventure (Quick Play isn’t available at first), you’ll be shown a short tutorial which basically tells you which buttons do what and how to use them. The first level you come to will only feature one strip of grass area, therefore making it a bit easier for you. Your only weapon at this point is the pea shooter plant, and this is what is used to destroy the zombies moving closer to your house.

You gain more points to plant things by collecting the sun’s that float down. Once you have acquired enough sun’s to plant another pea shooter, you will notice that the icon in the top, left corner will not be shaded over anymore, you can then proceed to plant you pea shooter/s to stop the zombies.

As you progress through the levels, you will gain more weapons; but to give each side (you and the zombies) a fair chance, the number of grass areas will increase, therefore forcing you to plant sunflowers to gain more suns so that you can plant more pea shooters.

You may have noticed the lawn mowers at the beginning of each grass strip, these are basically the number of lives that you have. If a zombie manages to pass your obstructions and weapons then the lawn mower will turn on and run over any zombies in it’s path. However, if a zombie then manages to get to the beginning of the same grass strip then it will be game over for you.

As you can see, once I got a bit further, I thought I was invincible, but I was wrong. Due to the amount of zombies I let through, it all got a bit too much for my “amateur” skills and I somehow managed to lose all of my lawn mowers and the zombies finally got to the house and the zombies ate my brains.

The primary objective of Plants VS. Zombies is to stop the zombies from reaching the front door of your house. You complete this objective by using a variety of obstructions such as Cherry Bombs, Potato Mines, chompers, and snow pea shooters.

In conclusion, I can definitely see what all of the fuss is about. Plants VS. Zombies is definitely a game that could keep you entertained for hours. The cost is much higher than other games at £1.79 but seen as though the PC version costs $20.00 (£12.00), you’re definitely getting yourself a bargain here!

It is loosely based on the Tower Defense styled games in which you need to build towers that shoot at the enemies to stop them from crossing the map and destroying you.

Plants VS. Zombies is receiving an extremely impressive 10/10 from TechReviews for it’s fun and exciting spin on old classic.