Radiopaq Duo Headphones Review

When we think of headphones, the phrase ‘You can’t polish a Turd’ immediately comes to mind. The headphone market is full of turds, products that have lost their primary function and have been designed purely so their airhead user looks good wearing them. This is happening more and more today, creating a very confusing marketplace. However, Radiopaq have created the ‘duo’, a pair of headphones being sold on their sound quality and comfort, priced at under £20, this makes a very tempting offering.

Radiopaq introduces the duo in a very ‘Apple style’ box, white on black colour scheme and simple design. The main features of the phones are made clear, whilst a large cut out allows you to see the duo headphones. The full specifications are listed on the rear.

Radiopaq Duo Headphones review

Whilst these headphones are of the portable type and therefore will probably take some battering, Radiopaq haven’t included any form of carrying case with the headphones. This is a slight shame for a product that is likely to be chucked into a backpack or handbag. Rest aside, it does mean your not paying for a case which you may never use.

radiopaq duo headphones review

The 1.2 metre audio cable is no gimmicks, standard rubber coating (not woven like many expensive competitors) and is simply one long cable connected to each ear cup. The audio connector is of the ‘gold’ variety, which is thought to provide better sound quality.

The headphones themselves are fairly basic in design, a simple cushioned headband with sliding size adjustment and folding ear cups. The ear cups are well cushioned with felt lining on the inside to improve quality and tilt adjustment to ensure correct fitment. The ear cups are available in a flavour of 5 colours: green, orange, purple, silver or black.

radiopaq duo headphones review