Roccat Kone Plus Gaming Mouse Review

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To test the Kone[+] accurately, I will be using the mouse for a few hours of gaming and a few hours of general use.


The game I used to test the Kone was Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The first feature that I found to be very useful was the ability to change the DPI profile. I normally have the DPI set fairly high for general use (2500DPI), this was way to high for me whilst gaming, so a quick press of a button and it’s down to 1500, ready for me to start (try) shooting everyone.

I found the Kone to be very easy to use during matches, the slippery feet and weight system came in very useful for some quick manouvres to get that last kill of the game.

The ability to use a wide variety of buttons allowed me to control all of my weapons right from the Kone which was a slightly easier than using the keyboard to change all of the time.

During the game, I changed the DPI a couple of times to allow a better degree of accuracy when using the sniper class. One thing that did pop into my mind was whether or not the DPI had changed and which profile it was on now, because the Kone does not notify you when changing the DPI.

Other than that one little problem, I found the Kone to be comfortable, easy to use and very accurate during all of the matches; the rubber surface allows enough friction between you and the mouse, to stay in control at all times during the game.

General Use

After a couple of hours of checking email, browsing the web and doing a little programming, I found the Kone to be much smoother and comfortable than the CM Storm Sentinel Advance I am currently using.

Browsing the web was particulary easy by using the 4-way scroll wheel to navigate, as well as programming the two side buttons to act as forward and backwards; both of these features proved to work very well.

All of the buttons available seem to be position perfectly allowing for comfortable use and the Kone is a perfect fit for my average(ish) sized hands.

The rubber coating of the mouse proves to be a very nice feature and allows accurate and precise control whilst playing games or using for daily tasks.