Roccat Kone Plus Gaming Mouse Review

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The Roccat Kone[+] is Roccats high-end mouse and it’s easy to see why. With the ability to have 24 different controls right at your fingers (literally), extreme accuracy, tracking, and performance, the Kone should be any gamers ideal choice.

The included software, with it’s wide range of options, is definitely the best I’ve seen on any gaming mouse.

The only thing that I would change (or add in this case), is the fact that it doesn’t have a small LCD screen like a few other gaming mice out there at the moment. This would greatly improve the Kone whilst gaming, so that you can see your current DPI settings.

At a price of £50-£60, it’s aimed slightly more towards the hardcore gamers, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it.

Bottom Line: If you’re a hardcore gamer in need of a mouse that has great precision and the ability to add up to 24 different buttons, then you’ve definitely found a winner here.
Roccat Kone Plus Gaming Mouse Review