Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Review

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Sitting the Chromebook down on the table, it looks brilliant. With the Chromebook also sporting a white lid, black body and the fact of how thin it is, it definitely looks the part.









This thing is very small, it weighs just 3.3 lbs and is only 11.6” (W) x 0.8” (H) x 8.6” (D), but at the same time it feels very sturdy. Whilst reviewing the Chromebook I took it everywhere with me and not once did I think twice about picking it up. In comparison, it’s like picking up your smartphone when you leave the room, you pick it up without thinking about the weight or the size and just carry on with your business.


Being an anti-reflective 12.1” LED display, it’s brilliant outdoors or where there’s bright light.  Just using the Chromebook is an absolute pleasure. With text and pictures crisp and clear on the screen, this results in very little eye strain after long periods of use.


Simple is probably the best way to describe the layout.  It’s a Google Chrome keyboard which has a slightly different layout to a conventional keyboard, but it works surprisingly well.  Once you have played around and used the keyboard for a few minutes you start to get a feel for it, which does effect the overall use of the Chromebook itself.

It’s the little things that really complete the keyboard. The fact that there’s a search button so you don’t have to keep using the touchpad, or that there’s dedicated back and forward buttons to flip through pages quickly. Overall it appears that Samsung have really taken there time in designing a great navigation tool.

USB and Memory Cards

I was unsure of how this would work due to the Chrome OS being online, the answer is very well.  You simply plug in a USB/Memory card, a new tab opens almost instantly and there’s your files.  I found it to be a lot more responsive than my high end desktop! Very impressive.

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