Samsung NX200 Review

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We found the Samsung NX200 an absolute joy to use whilst taking pictures outdoors, the autofocus speeds were very quick and the quality was superb. The only downfall regarding picture taking was low-light situations. Even with the ISO set fairly high at 6400, the NX200 did not manage to focus very well on the various low-lit objects we took pictures of. Despite this, the NX200 proved to work brilliantly in all other situations.









Thanks to the various features and different settings, such as burst mode which manages to reel off up to seven frames per second, the whole experience was very good.

There are three different options for the focus settings, as seen in the image below, which are Smart Auto Focus, Continuous AF and Manual. We chose to use the continuous AF for most of the testing, but both the smart and manual settings proved to be very good.

There are a variety of different options you are able to change on the NX200 including AF, ISO, Aperture, video recording settings as well as camera settings such as languages and GPS (if using the GPS accessory).

Next up, the 1080p Full HD video quality.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the 1080p HD video quality on the Samsung NX200. It isn’t the best quality compared with some cameras, but there’s no doubt that the quality is very impressive, and seen as though this isn’t primarily a video camera, I was very impressed.

Whilst recording, you are able to change various settings and options which I thought was a really great feature, one that you don’t find on many cameras.

My only problem with the video recording feature was the fact that when the AF is set to “Continuous”, all you hear throughout the video is the camera re-focussing. This appears to be a problem on many cameras, but is still quite annoying if you wanted to make a family holiday video, for example, and all you can hear is the camera re-focussing.


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